Charger for 4.8V and 7.2V Batteries




Charger for 4.8V and 7.2V Batteries






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Popis produktu:

Nabíječka pro 4.8V a 7.2V baterie vhodná pro následující ARCTIC Hobby produkty:

Battery Type ARCTIC Hobby RC Toy - Charging Time(hr)

4.8V Battery Pack Mining Truck / LR 505 - 3.5
7.2V Battery Pack Land Rider 305 - 7.5
7.2V Battery Pack Land Rider 307 - 7.5
7.2V Battery Pack Land Rider 309 - 7.5
7.2V Battery Pack Fire Engine / LR 503 - 5
7.2V Battery Pack Excavator / LR 507 - 5
7.2V Battery Pack Tank / LR 403 - 5
7.2V Battery Pack Southampton / AR 507 - 5

For best performance of the battery, it is advised to drain it completely before charging.
The charger does not have overcharge control capability; it will not automatically switch off when the battery is fully charged. Please follow the charging time accordingly.

Limited Warranty 2 years  
Compatibility  4.8V - 7.2V NiMH Batteries  
Charging Current  200mA  
AC Supply Voltage  230V 50 Hz  
DC Supply Voltage  9V  
itemnumber CHAHO-AHCH100-GB  
UPC 0872767003927  
Weight 0.17 kg  




Produkt manažer:

Michal Boháč,


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