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Arctic LR309 Truggy




Arctic LR309 Truggy


  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy
  • Arctic LR309 Truggy








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The Land Rider 309 is a 1/16 scale of four-wheel off-road truggy that is ready to take the road. Its agility and lightweight framework is suitable for doing stunts and jumps during competitions. Win races starting on a pavement and end with high flying dirt jumps with this truggy! The Land Rider 309 combines superb performance of a buggy and monster truck. It gets the best of both worlds – stability of a truck and agility of a buggy. Because the design is based on modified buggies, the framework sits lower to the ground than trucks and runs on pin-type tires to create better handling and performance on a race track. It is a truly ‘go anywhere, do anything’ vehicle, no matter in on or off-road races. Travelling at a maximum speed of 35km/h, the Land Rider 309 is purposely built for racing. The ability in handling fantastic speeds and high climbing performance for sure becomes a new track star in your rally races. Its lightweight chassis framework and precision motor ensure excellent balance and responsive control for your drive in rough tracks. The front and rear bumpers provide protection against accident impact during your competitions! Equipped with four high-rigidity shock absorbers, they provide excellent shock protection for this all-purpose vehicle. Its independent suspension offers greater ride quality and handling for high speed racing in turns and down the straights.

Dimensions (Packaging)  315 L x 238 W x 150 H mm  
Dimensions (Product)  175(W) x 260(L) mm  
Battery  6 x HR6/AA (7.2V, 2650 mAh)
(ARCTIC Rechargeable Batteries are included with purchase)  
Transmitter Battery  8 x HR6/AA (9.6V 2650mAh) (not included with purchase)  
Net Weight  750 g  
Crystal Frequency  26.995MHz  
Control Distance  50 - 100m  
itemnumber TOAHO-AHC0100-GB.4  
UPC 0872767003590  
Weight 2 kg  







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